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Christmas updates – October 13th 2014

As we keep on and on about it but again to remind you, application form for Late Late Toy Show tickets.

Waterfordians, book tickets for the Santa Express in December. These things sell out FAST.

Centra are sponsoring Christmas FM again this year. Woo.

Low Cost Holidays have a section for Christmas markets. Berlin mostly but they’re meant to be great.

The Travel Department have a whole host of Christmas getaways. We’d love to go to Vienna though for their Christmas Markets. Winter, Christmas, Vienna, such a combination.

Very odd. A Christmas stocking for someone that works in the SWAT team.

A Nativity set that’s just blocks of wood with names. Totally love it.

Husky Pups Christmas Bed Covers.

Christmas Shirt Sale. For those formal meetings where you don’t want to wear your Christmas tie.