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Some Alternative Christmas Jumpers/Sweaters for 2014

Everyone is doing Christmas Jumpers this year. Tesco, M&S, Lidl, Penney’s, Lifestyle Sports and Funky Christmas Jumpers to name but a few. But what about something a little bit different?

Here are some we really like/want. The hsame in this is that if we ask for it from Santa for Christmas we can’t wear it until 2015!

Reindeer Threesome Christmas Jumper

Reindeer Threesome Sweater
How else do reindeers keep warm? Not sure we can add to that title. Here it is. The dirty animals. €76.60 including delivery.

He-Man, She-Ra Christmas Faux Jumper

He-Man She-Ra Christmas Sweatshirt

For the He-man and She-Ra fans. $42.20 to buy and ship to Ireland. It’s okay but looks cheapish. It is a sweatshirt after all with a fake knit look to it.

Black Santa Christmas Jumper

Black Santa Sweater
Yes, a Black Santa Christmas Sweater. We’re reminded of a David Sedaris short story.

Wu-tang Clan Christmas Sweater

Wu Tang Christmas Jumper

The 36 Chambers Christmas Jumper. $104.99 including shipping to Ireland.

Slayer Christmas Jumper

Slayer Christmas Jumper

Slayer do Christmas. In a Slayer way. The Pentagrams and Skulls Christmas sweater is currently sold out but retails for about €71.99. Keep checking back on the page to see will it become available. The Eagle and Swords Christmas jumper is available though. €81.99 including shipping to Ireland.

Sonic the Hedgehog Christmas Jumper

Sonic the Hedgehog Christmas Jumper

Sonic the Hedgehog Christmas Sweater. Amazing. Geekgamertastic. We think this can be worn all year long to be honest. £33.99 including shipping to Ireland. Ships from November 7th.

Gremlins Christmas Sweater.

Gremlins Christmas Jumper

The Gremlins Christmas Jumper. This is one of our favourites. What a great design. $109.15 including delivery to Ireland. Our second favourite.

The Die Hard Christmas Sweater

Die Hard Christmas Jumper
Now I Have a Machine Gun. Ho Ho Ho. One of the best Christmas movies ever. No really. £33 to buy and shop to Ireland. Our favourite.

Die Hard Christmas Jumper Back